The Lyn Community Development Trust (LCDT) was set up by the North Devon District Council (NDDC) in 1999.

Its prime aim was to oversee the final stages of the regeneration of Lynton Market Hall and the transfer of the Library from the Town Hall to its new premises. LCDT is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

In 2002 the Trust became a registered charity and in 2004 obtained ownership of the area known as Middleham Gardens. The regeneration of the gardens became a very successful project and after much work and fundraising now provides the community, both resident and visiting, with a lovely memorial garden on the edge of the East Lyn.

In 2001 Lynton & Lynmouth became part of the Market and Coastal Towns Initiative and with a lot of support from North Devon Council (NDC) the community was in a position to draw down funds and LCDT was asked to become the “accountable body” for these funds. This opened the way to champion many projects highlighted in the Lyn & Exmoor Vision, the published Community Strategic Plan. The two bodies then joined to work as one with project leaders becoming directors.

Lyn & Exmoor Vision

The published Community Strategic Plan …a fully integrated community working together to ensure the provision of effective and efficient social services and leisure facilities for residents and visitors to the area. Underpinned by a thriving and sustainable tourism industry and much improved communications, other viable businesses will develop and grow, providing greater opportunity and longer-term security. The need to retain our younger people and to provide for retired local residents is well understood, and there will be sufficient and appropriate local needs housing and accommodation.

Responding to the requirements of global changes and an environment under pressure, energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy projects will receive a high priority. The preservation of the areas unique beauty and heritage is non-negotiable and will continue to enhance the quality of life of residents and remain our key asset.