Devon Air Ambulance Night Landing Site

This project was instigated by Trevor Ley and has turned out to be the most satisfying and successful project.

It is of course so important to us all that, whether through illness or accident when we need transporting quickly to a hospital this service is available to us. We are well aware that we live in an isolated community and that transport by road may, in many emergency cases, not be fast enough and the DAA then steps in to ensure we get the help needed. Toby Russell of DAA surveyed both Lynmouth Manor and Holman Park.

Unfortunately, Lynmouth Manor was not suitable but Holman Park is ideal and thanks to some very generous funding the lights are now in place and the DAA can land after dark. There is a contingency fund held by the Trust to ensure the lights are maintained and serviced as required. Contributors and partners in this project are acknowledged on signage at the park.